Brazil would be the most infected country in the world

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Well, some cannot speak certain words in their texts or videos due to demonetization, that is, they lose money due to addressing a topic. As I don't gain anything from my texts, I can talk about anything I want: it's freedom from lack of capital.
For me, based on a very simple math, since I don't need to complicate the calculations, Brazil is the most infected country in the world in this COVID-19 pandemic. The calculation is very simple, just access a reliable website (1) that provides me with the total number of tests and the number of infected and compare with the numbers from the United States. The United States has 3,832,911 cases of COVID-19, Brazil officially has 2,075,124. The United States made 47,572,190 and Brazil 4,911,063. This means that Americans do 143,680 tests per million, while Brazilians 23,096, that is, Brazil does 16,074% percent of tests in the United States, does not reach 20%! Therefore, Brazil should have 6.221 times the number of infected, totaling 12,909,346 cases.
The most interesting thing about all this is that I did a simple calculation, using almost only reliable data and common sense mathematics. However, the largest academic research on the subject in Brazil (2), coordinated by the Center for Epidemiological Research at the Federal University of Pelotas (Ufpel), says practically the same thing, since the researchers advise multiplying the official number by six.
Only one thing puzzles me: why doesn't Donald Trump use it? It would be very beneficial, for your campaign, to point Brazil as the first place in the ranking of COVID-19, which in fact happens.
Alexandre L Silva

(1)(Accessed on July 18, 2020 (21 hours and 26 minutes):




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